Wednesday, May 6, 2009

St Germain and the embodiments- The land of the Sunset Gate

St Germain the Ascended Master is known as the wonder man of Europe and captured the quintessence of the Alchemists' dream ,the transformation of consciousness echoed by the ancient Gnostics whose teachings were relegated to the pathos of heresy by the pathetic people who so relegated them,He would release the technology of the Aquarian age when nations disband the destructive uses of science and religion for man to unharness the unlimited physical and spiritual resources in the establishment of the Golden age, the age of the Messiah which man can bring on as a premature birth according to his deeds, or force its coming by his failures and deeds of darkness. He saw the future afar off in the land of the Sunset Gate, the United States, a second golden age referred to above , a golden age of learning, "not like our own". He initiated the society of Free Masons which fired up the key signers of the Declaration of Independence. Fifty three of the fifty six members were enrolled in the Masonic Order.He called for the signing of the Declaration and anointed Washington as first President. He approached the Lords of Karma to plead for the lightbearers of all centuries. The original keepers of the Flame who came with Sanat Kumara and children of God who have been evolving throughout all ages.

Two of his well-known embodiments were Christopher Columbus and Merlin the
magician, a spiritual adept who has unfortunately been mythologized. In a series
of recent embodiments from the prophet Samuel to Francis Bacon, Saint Germain
was the all-pervasive mind, laying the empirical foundation for an age of
enlightenment, pushing back the barriers of limitation in the physical and
spiritual sciences. As Roger Bacon he directed and inspired devotees of the
sacred science, then in his embodiment as Saint Germain, the Wonderman of
Europe, he outpictured the quintessence of the alchemists’ dream for all to see.
The Ascended Master Saint Germain teaches that the highest alchemy is the
transformation of one’s human consciousness into the divinity of the Higher
Self. He
stands ready to assist all souls in this endeavor. He has also said he
would release the technology of the Aquarian age when the nations shall have put
behind them the destructive uses of science and religion to accept the challenge
which lies at the heart of both, which is for man to enter his heart and the
nucleus of the atom and to harness from both the unlimited spiritual and
physical resources to establish the golden age.
His etheric retreats are
located over Transylvania in Romania and Table Mountain in Wyoming.
He wrote
in cipher, "I trusteth all to the future and a land that is very far towards the
sunset gate....I keep the future ever in my plan, looking for my reward, not to
my times and countrymen, but to a people very far off, and an age not like our
own, but a second golden age of learning."
Having discovered the continent and
encouraged its colonization, he must also insure a proper foundation for the new
nation. Saint Germain stood by George Washington throughout the Revolution and
during the winter at Valley Forge. His past efforts in initiating the society of
Freemasons had enfired many of the key figures of the Revolution. General
Washington, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin
and as many as fifty-three out of the fifty-six signers of the Declaration of
Independence were all members of the Masonic order
, whose principles had guided
them in founding the new nation. Further, Saint Germain called for the signing
of the Declaration of Independence, directed the writing of the Constitution and
anointed Washington first President of the United States. America was secured as
the land of opportunity and Saint Germain devoted himself to the raising of the
consciousness of her people.
In the twentieth century, the Master went before
the Lords of Karma to plead the cause of freedom for and on behalf of the
original 576 he has sponsored, expanding that circle to include the Lightbearers
of all centuries--
the original Keepers of the Flame who came with Sanat Kumara
as well as the children of God who had been evolving unto the spiritual gifts
and graces through earth's numerous ages

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