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Ignatius Donnelly : Atlantis the Antediluvian World

Ignatius Donnelly : Atlantis the Antediluvian World
Here are my most precious notes on the findings of this remarkable book  published in l882 from Chapter 1 the Purpose of the book stating the themes of the book and concur with what I believe in many respects:

Purpose and the 13 propositions of the book:
  1. Existence of a large island   is of a truth
  2. Plato's description is  veritable history not myth or fable
  3. Atlantis the source of all civilizations
  4. A populous and mighty nation with overspill of peoples over the face of this globe
  5. The true antediluvian world we know as the garden of Eden, Hespserides, the Elysian fields,etc.
  6. "Gods of past civilizations" were the 10 kings of Atlantis-mythologies of Greeks and nations were confused accounts given in after ages re mentality of the ancients
  7. Mythologies of Egypt and Peru  were remnants of the sun worship of Atlantis
  8. Egypt is its oldest colony ( a survival colony)
  9. The Bronze or iron age derived from the Atlantaeans
  10. Phoenician alphabet derived from them as well and passed to the Mayans
  11. Atlantis seat of the Aryan and Semitic peoples
  12. Perished in convulsion of nature(?) or a purposive act of heaven?
  13. Escapees in rafts and boats -Accounts of the flood legends of the bible and the Sumerians and Akkadians?
If there is truth in the foregoing, then the following follow as necessary corollaries:
  • Genesis and the flood accounts are confirmed
  • ancient accounts debunking Atlantis as fable prove nothing
  • the ancients nearest the past not always the best informed
  • ex= the debunking by his contemporaries of his accounts of his travels (Herodotus)
  • resurrected esteem held millenia later by the moderns
  • Solon's journey and discussion with Egyptian priests are true and not rightly dismissed as fable
  • Note the truths behind Pharaoh Necho's expedition.

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