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Plato's history of Atlantis further detail

Plato's history of Atlantis further detail
  1. 600 BC Solon visited the city of Sais and the priests of Egypt
  2. He wrote unfinished verse
  3. Re Plutarch  his journey was of 10 years duration
  4. "I grow in learning as in age"
  5. Plato related to Solon
  6. Solon described as wisest of the 7 sages
  7. Sais connected to the Athens of old
  8. Many deluges floods of mankind not just one or a few
  9. conflagrations at long intervals--Nile the savior of the remnant of peoples
  10. "purging of the earth" shepherds the survivors
  11. ignorance of ancient times of the surviving races
  12. Classes and casts
  13. Priests,artisans,shepherds,husbandmen,hunters, warriors(separated)
  14. wisdom imbued and interpenetrated the whole social fabric
  15. prophecy and medicine
  16. addition of knowledge furthering human health and well being
  17. disciples of thje gods
  18. Athens predated Egypt by (?) 1000 years
  19. histories in Egy corroborate events Ancient Athens puts an end to Atlantis a war of liberation
  20. The islands  the center isle described by Plato in the Critias a late and unfinished dialogue
  21. Great empire   w/in and out the pillars of Heracles--planned to attack and did so (?) the Athenians (Hellenes)--stood alone agai Atlantis and defeated her  when deserted by her allies
  22. single day and night floods and torrents sank Atlantis--sea impassible due to shallow mud
  23. 9000 years since this war---Atlantis empire greater than Libya and Asia
  24. Descr of Athenians, form of government,use of Hellenic names bny foreigners, t/b used in Solon's unfinished poem

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