Saturday, January 11, 2014

German Jews Ask Hitler to Define Status

German Jews Ask Hitler to Define Status

Every member of the German cabinet, including Chancellor Adolf Hitler, has received a numbered copy of a memorandum on the Jewish situation which was recently submitted to the Nazi-government by the All-German Jewish Representative Body, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency learned today from reliable sources.
The memorandum was accompanied by material and data proving the enormous extent of anti-Jewish propaganda all over Germany, which is ruining the German Jews even in the fields from which they are not officially barred by discriminatory measures.
The statement is divided into three parts:
1. Anti-Jewish propaganda in the German press and in public speeches.
2. The anti-Jewish boycott and economic discriminations.
3. What the German Jews expect from the present government.
The document draws the attention of the government not only to the economic, but also to the moral suffering of the German Jews, and asks for action against provincial officials who are persecuting the Jews. The representative body also asks the government to establish definitely the status of the German Jews with in the policy of the present Reich.

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