Saturday, January 11, 2014

Nazis to Arrest Catholic ‘rebels’ in Wuertemberg

Nazis to Arrest Catholic ‘rebels’ in Wuertemberg

Severe measures will be taken against Wuertemberg Catholics and many will be arrested by the political police as a result of the clashes last Sunday between uniformed Catholic youth organizations and police in Stuttgart, the Voelkischer Beobachter, leading Nazi paper, threatened today.
Police and Catholics clashed in Stuttgart during the Holy Week celebration last Sunday. Uniformed Catholic youths, wearing a prohibited uniform, surrounded the speakers’ platform, when Professor Karl Adam declared in defiance of the Nazis that “Jewish history is the only one which the Catholic Church will ever recognize.”
The Catholic youth groups closely surrounded the platform and cheered Professor Adam. They protected him from the police and when the police finally succeeded in dispersing them, they formed a demonstration and marched through the streets of Stuttgart with banners, defying police orders and wearing uniforms which had been prohibited.
Professor Adam began his speech with a sharp criticism of the persecution of the German churches and openly praised the Jews. “The racial and biological principles of the present regime, we Catholics consider as mere superstition”, Professor Adam declared.
“Such addresses as the one delivered by a German professor in the same city where Hitler addressed the entire German nation and called for united action, is an unheard of challenge to the Nazis and to the government”, the Beobachter asserts.

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