Grizzly mountains of Grizzly Adams (Dan Haggerty) are never friendlier or more comforting than when they are tucked under their blankets of snow, and the smell of Christmas hangs high in the air. Adams enjoyed digging up a nice little pine tree to decorate in the holiday spirit and having a snowball fight with Ben the bear.

Jack (Denver Pyle) was on his way back from the settlement testing his new snowshoes when he saw Frost-bite Foley (Jack Druschen) and his white mule, Blizzard, in a jingling harness with a strange high pack saddle. On a pair of primitive skis, with his white beard and red stocking cap skidding along, he was the vision of Old Saint Nick. The two old friends proceeded to have a fight about whose type of transportation was the fastest--skis or snowshoes. They decided to have a race to the cabin to determine the answer.

Not far from where this race takes place is part of a family almost frozen and just about lost in this unfamiliar territory. When Uncle Ned (Ken Curtis) saw his niece, Debbie (Linda Arbizu) and nephew, Billy (Steven Robertson) were quite frightened by a wolf, he took his gun and prepared to shoot it. At that moment Adams was coming across the ridge and noticed with horror what was about to happen. When Uncle Ned fired his gun it caused the snow comb to explode and bring thousands of tons of snow careening down the slope--an avalanche!!!

Quickly thinking, Adams ran to the wagon and attempted to move the people and their wagon from the deadly path of the avalanche before it picked up too much speed.

In the aftermath they found the buried wagon and Mad Jack who had taken a short cut in the race luckily there to help them. They all went back to Adams' cabin to decide the best course of action. Sadly for the children it seemed that they would not be able to join their parents for Christmas.

Frost-bite Foley arrived at the cabin and after telling Adams about seeing some smoke in the pass, they all hurried to that area in hope it might be some of the settlers . . . maybe even their family.

While Debbie and Billy were getting ready to have their own Christmas manger scene, Adams had rescued their parents, Sam (Don Galloway) and Jenny (Diane McBain) and was bringing them back to the cabin. After a beautiful reunion, they got down to celebrating Christmas. They really had something to be joyful for now. The precious feeling of love combined with the winter splendor made this the most wonderful Christmas Adams ever enjoyed.