Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ravi Shankar at Taj Mahal

Maybe Ali Akbar Khan and Ravi Shankar were Khan's Father's students and had  the global music community known each other, and played sita-sarod together for 40-50 years. That left no excitement unfounded.
David Gonzalez 3 years ago
It is similar to the masterpiece he played at Monterey, now with his daughter, it's awesome Ravi and Anoushka are playing at same time, such
His passing away means an unbridgeable loss for the hindustani classical music  coordination is awesome... thank you for sharing

What a loss to India & the global music community .... ma 

wonderfull and very  uplifting music that goes to you heart .
y Panditji's soul rest in peace.

Gandharva of Indian classic music,who made indian music worldfamous

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