Grizzly Adams 17 - The Trial


Published on Aug 17, 2012
Nakoma (Don Shanks) and his fellow tribesmen are fishing. It is the end of the season and the trout are beginning to run up river. All the young braves are trying to be quick and plentiful with their catch for recognition by the tribe as skillful men. It is an important requirement for manhood. One young Indian orphan named Tumaqua (Frank L. Martinez) is not doing very well because although he has caught more fish then anyone else, a pesty otter is eating them as fast as Tumaqua can reel them out of the water. After being teased by his friends for returning to the village empty-handed, he decides to do something reckless. By the river he finds a bucket of fish unattended and steals it; running swiftly into the forest. A pack of hungry wolves are soon in hot pursuit managing to chase him up a tree and Tumaqua loses his good luck beads in the process. It is a good thing that Ben, hearing the comotion comes to Tumaquals rescue.

Ben thinks those fish are so much fun that he begins to play with them not noticing the Chief (John War Eagle) who has been searching for his stolen fish thinks that he has found the "thief" in Ben. Poor Ben is put on trial by the Indian tribal council and things look pretty bad for Mad Jack (Denver Pyle) who is going to defend him. Adams (Dan Haggerty) quickly becomes suspicious of Tumaqua who is overly attentive and concerned as to the outcome of the trial. The penalty for Ben if he is found quilty is banishment from the mountains forever. While out searching for clues to aid in Ben's defense, he finds Tumaqua's good luck beads by the tree and realizes who the real criminal is.

The thought of having Ben banished for a crime he didn't commit would be harder to face for Tumaqua than any punishment he would have to endure. Just when the tribal council is about to reach their verdict against Ben, Tumaqua steps forward and admits his quilt. Tumuqua had learned a valuable lesson in growing up. Even though it is hard to admit you did wrong; it is easier than letting someome else pay for your mistakes.
Published on Jun 26, 2014
Jimmy, a young boy trying to gain acceptance from his peers, is horrified when he sees a circus trainer abusing a bear cub. One of the circus employees tells Jimmy that there is a magic cave in the hills nearby that can transport people to another time, and that maybe he can use it to help the bear. Jimmy does some exploring, finds the cave, and is amazed to find himself transported back to the early 1800's where he encounters Jeremiah, a nature-loving mountain man with a bear friend of his own. Jeremiah agrees to come to the future and help out Jimmy, but the 21st century is quite different from the 19th, and springing the bear cub will not be as easy as Jeremiah thinks. Not in any way related to the "Grizzly Adams" television series