Sunday, December 13, 2015


Sadly, this propaganda film is not how US border patrol are.  They simply deprive US citizens of their liberty, up to 200 miles within the border!  Oh, yeah, forgot to mention, "it's all for your own protection"!  And YOU voted this in..
What a tangled web of lies and deceit. Good and bad people on both sides of the fight. Good and bad cops working an angle. FBI working an angle. Coyotes working their angle. Shows the monumental dysfunction of our system. This movie Rocks. Thank you.

"Borderline" is one of Charles Bronson's best films from the 1980s, with a good story and Ed Harris as the bad guy.Bruno Kirby and Wilford Brimley too.Thanks for the viewing.

Gotta Love the way Bronson handles problems in his films, LOL! This is the first time I had watched this movie, and I am glad I finally did! Awesome acting all around, good plot, and shows how much things have gotten worst along the Border in 35 years.

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