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Dan Haggerty talks about being Grizzly Adams (FULL INTERVIEW)

Damon Banks 2 months ago
Well, Dan, I was a kid in the late 70s and early 80s, ready to be impressed, and having a love for nature. I grew up in South Africa watching your show on TV and enjoying every moment of it. Seeing a guy in harmony with his fellow man and beast and nature impressed me incredibly!! One of those memories that'll never leave me... Now I live in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and wouldn't you know, I know exactly where the towns of Pound, Lena and Crivitz are!! Thanks for enriching my life, Mr Haggerty!!
loved this show in the 70s and rewatched it again last year , Dan is a truely wonderful and gracious man . seen him recently in a episode of American Pickers. His Harley Davidson  from easy rider sold recently for $1350000 at auction .
I was 10 years old when the first season started, my family was moving from one state to another leaving my friends behind...Thanks to Mr. Haggerty and everyone involved in this series, I was strongly influenced about the greatness of friendship, family and survival....Dan Haggerty....a man i wish i could meet...thank you so much!! :-)

Dan Haggerty
Dan Haggerty at F.I.S.T premier 1978 cropped.jpg
Dan Haggerty in 1978
BornNovember 19, 1941 (age 74)
Years active1959 - present
Spouse(s)Diane Rooker (1959–1984)
Samantha (1984–2008)


Haggerty is best known as Grizzly Adams[1]in the title role of the 1974 Sunn Classic Pictures feature, The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams. From this feature film evolved the NBC television series which ran from 1977 to 1978, and Haggerty became known to movie-goers for his portrayal of nature-loving James Capen "Grizzly" Adams.
Haggerty's film debut was a non-speaking role as muscle man "Biff" in the 1964 filmMuscle Beach Party, followed by appearances in various biker and wildlife films such asEasy RiderAngels Die HardThe Adventures of Frontier Fremont and Terror Out of the Sky.
Haggerty, a former animal trainer, stunt expert and animal handler for a Tarzan feature and the Tarzan TV series, directed white tigers, wolverines, eagles and wild boar inWhen the North Wind Blows and worked with bears, foxes and hawks in Grizzly Mountain.
Haggerty starred in the TV miniseries Condominium (1980), which also starred Barbara EdenRalph Bellamy and Stuart Whitman. Haggerty played a hydraulics expert trying to warn residents that their Florida condos were about to be demolished in a forthcoming hurricane. He guest starred on The Love Boat in 1983 ("World's Greatest Kisser"). He cameoed as an attorney in Terror Night (1987) with John Ireland and Cameron Mitchell, starred in Night Wars (1988) as a Vietnam vet who is a psychologist dealing with nightmares of his fellow veterans, and appeared in horror films such as Elves and theLinda Blair film The Chilling in 1989. In Big Stan (2007), he played Tubby, and appeared as a lumberjack foreman in Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan (2013). He has also appeared on the American reality TV show American Pickers.
Haggerty has also done several voice-overs and can also be seen in music videos byHank Williams, Jr. and Rogues of the Empire.

Selected filmography[edit]

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