Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Woman in the wild

Published on Aug 17, 2012
The bounty hunter Mad Jack (Denver Pyle) thinks he sees on Pine Ridge turns out to be a lady, Mrs. Kate Jackson (Tiffany Bolling) supposedly a writer seeking information on black bears.

She is invited to stay at the cabin where Adams (Dan Haggerty) learns the real story. She is not a writer, but a widow and the only child of an army colonel who was killed by a black bear. Kate has come to the mountain to avenge her father's death. Just as Totawny (Todd Tingey) is learning lessons in the wilderness while "brave-training" with Nakoma (Don Shanks) Kate Jackson will learn the biggest lesson of her life.

Adams trys to explain to her that killing is wrong and perhaps there is a reason that the bear might have attacked her father. She admits that Colonel Jackson loved to hunt merely for the sport and that his aide told her the attack was by a mother bear. Well, Adams knows that if a bear attacks it would only be to protect her cubs. In tears, Kate tells Adams she was also informed that her father was using one of the bear cubs for bait and this was probably the reason the bear attacked.

Kate decides to go back home and really become a writer of wilderness since she knows about it first hand now. She tells Adams that her new viewpoint is "Love can overcome hate and help people to respect all living things."

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