Saturday, March 14, 2009

Animals and Joanna Spyri

The Heidi stories as written were purely fantasy . I would like to think she invented Heidi from another dream or fantasy reality and that the child had a kinship with G-d's creatures born of a purer and more innocent age than ours.There are e books of stories that can be downloaded by Joanna Spyri. I seem not to have the proper downloading software at present. The above etching illustrated part of the book in chapter 2-The goats would come up and like the salt from Grandfather's hand.

Heidi and the Hayloft

"When they reached the hut, they all stood still, and two lovely slender
goats -- one white, the other brown -- left the flock to rush up to the
grandfather.He stood waiting, as he did every evening, holding some salt in his
hands,and they licked his fingers eagerly."Heidi, Chapter 2

"Heidi looked into every nook and corner to find the best place to sleep. In the corner by her grandfather's bed stood a little ladder, which led to the hayloft. Heidi climbed this. There lay a fresh, fragrant heap of hay, and through a round window one could look far down into the valley."Heidi, Chapter 2
When I was little and read Heidi, I would always wish that I had a bed in a loft with a round window, and could look at the stars at night like Heidi could. This seemed like the neatest thing in the entire world. You can make star maps for any city in the world if you go to Your Sky. It is a complicated but very interesting website, so you might want to find someone to help you out when you visit it.

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