Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shamanic Healing Ecuador continued

The sacred plants:("We’ll learn about a variety of shamanic healing plants such as Datura, Dulcamaras, Una Del Gato and Sangria Drago.")

Entrance to sacred Valley Quicocha Lake to the right

Group stay at shaman's hut in sacred valley

Meeting with Taita Yatchak in the sacred valley(1)

This link references my communication with Infinite light

This link references a tour with the Shamans to a valley no westerner has ever visited until now and this would serve to fulfill a 500 year prophecy. The tour was allowed and led by the "The yachaks told us there was a 500 year old prophesy that states when the Eagle of the North and the Condor of the South flew in the skies together, a greater equilibrium would exits for mankind. They asked if we could help fulfill this prophesy." It was to the valley of Llanganatis in the Amazon. Seemingly the shaman yachaks are intuitively aware of quantum physics that something can arise from nothingness and they are attuned to the other worlds the westerns are not yet privy too. Note the prophecies of the valley where western man had never been invited and only those in the yachak lineage/shamans knew of the recesses of this hidden special ,nay, mystical valley. When the time was right these yachak guardians would take westerners into the valley and reveal this to the world. The real healers are the ones who know the healings spring from the spontaneous touch of the spirit. Also in the last analysis, our thoughts create existence in thwe universe and healing as well.

The real shamans are unpredictable because they gain their energy form
their environment and from the here and now
. They never know how the spirit will
guide them so we genuinely do not know what will happen on our upcoming shamanic
mingo tour. Expect nothing and you are almost guaranteed to get something and
Here is Merri and me with a Taita Yatchak deep in the
sacred LLanganatis. They say anyone who goes in there dies from a stake in their
heart or goes mad. We found this not quite true. Though I assure you our hearts
were affected in the most profound ways. You can read about this trip at
Perhaps this is how legends arise. Maybe in the LLanganatis your heart will
be destroyed to be born again! Or the mind will go mad from resisting the
We will not make it to the LLanganatis on this tour, but we will be
with shamans and though we’ll be steeped in nothingness I surely expect our
hearts will soar.
We have found that shamans who ask “how much will you pay,”
or “what do you want me to do” are not the ones we want.
The real healers are
the ones who do not know what they will do and believe that the forces of nature
will care for them, so they let the greater powers decide how, how much and when
they are compensated and what they will do.
This should not be surprising.
Looking for nothing to find everything is suspiciously similar to what quantum
science suggests we should do.
Quantum physics indicates that all matter
springs from nothing, just energy or wavelengths and that reality manifests from
wavelengths in the mind and soul.

This science says illusions are solid. Reality is space. We are composed of molecules, small bits of something spinning around and separated by vast amounts of relative space. Yet molecules are not solid either. They are composed of atoms, even smaller bits spinning around and separated by vast amounts of relative space. Yet atoms are not solid either, but are composed of protons, electrons and neutrons, even smaller bits spinning in vast spaces. And these are composed of even smaller bits, muons, quarks of several spins, also spinning in vast spaces. Super string theory suggests that these bits are even tinier particles composed of smaller one dimensional strings of vibration that are the smallest bits which humanity has been able to conceive.
Where do all these tiniest super strings come from? Nothing but silence and space frozen in solid illusions from our observation, intention and consciousness. In short, our thoughts are the existence that creates the universe. This is the wonder of true quantum research and shamanism too.
The shamans get in touch with the nothingness to alter and heal. When they touch the infinite with their hearts and minds wonderful things happen to those with them. Healings and awakenings spring from their touch…no scalpels, pills or radiation required!
We’ll also visit the sacred Quicocha lake for a shamanic study and perhaps a ceremony

Merri and I know numerous Taita Yatchaks, Yatchaks, Shamans, Shamanas and Curanderos. You’ll learn which is which and we’ll visit a number of them. Here I am with Don Carlos, a Taita Yatchak.

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