Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ayahuasca Shamanic healing Island Community

The below is from Infinite light Shamanic healing: from their blog: This is an island community or hub of light as self-professed in the Amazon , Peru. This is their blog/newsletter. People can learn "anything and everything" and shamanic or spiritual healing is administered and many other topics are taught and learned in the broadest possible educative atmosphere. with ayahusca medicine . A Doctor spirit taught Megan's friend massage therapy in ceremony, how to manipulate body cells and she took this knowledge back with her to Virginia. These shamanic healers are purchasing an island. Ten to twelve homes will be built, a ceremonial house. The island contains high frequency energy. I find it really amazing that true learning without credentials will be created. Healing,spiritual work, the arts, tutoring of languages, teaching of children, and community development. A healing community in embryo and the shaman is from an ancient lineage as I understand what is contained herein. A Waldorf based homeschooling program for long term guests is in the offing, a couple of years hence. Is this the start of a world wide renaissance of Infinite Light? A return to the primeval of what once was the connection of the worlds, what humanity once had and lost? Is it preposterous to believe that this community

in its infancy is the beginning of this evolving? The Community of Infinite Light. Tell me more of the ceremonial plant the ayahuasca.

1. THE ISLAND COMMUNITY SO without further adieu, we would like to announce
the early stages of our living, breathing community that
is being birthed
as we
speak! (okay well I guess I am pregnant with
that:) As mentioned briefly in the
last newsletter, it is our intention to
create a community which serves as a Hub
of Light; a
place where people can come in and out (in regular groups or live
with their
families,) teaching and learning anything and everything that will
contribute to raising the vibration of humanity,
with the loving
Light ayahuasca
medicine as the life-blood. Learn
physically during the day, and spiritually in
. For example,
a friend of mine is a massage therapist, and in ceremony
was taught my a
Doctor Spirit about how to manipulate the cells in the body, etc
(she's now
opened her own practice in Northern Virginia! Then go
back out into the world and spread the Light!We are in the process of
a small plot of land close to our Herrera home (yes, it's an
island!) We will be
allowing long-term guests to build (following a few
structural and environmental
guidelines) small homes in crevices within the
natural vegetation of the island
(probably will be about 10 or 12 in total,
including on the space outside of the
Plus of course we will be
adding another ceremony house in there in
addition to our almost-complete
new one!
I love the energy of the island, it is
so natural and
. I smile just thinking about it!So we are opening
our doors
to anyone with something to offer (based on ability and understanding,
rather than credentials.)
Healing and spiritual work, the arts,
interpretation/tutoring of various languages, teaching children,
expertise, and community development are on the short list of
possible ideas.
For these positions, three months is the minimum (see
Service Apprenticeships of
the website for more info.)And just to put it out
there, we plan to open a
Waldorf-based Homeschool program (with our own
twists of course!) for kids of
long-term guests,
as well as in the village.
This will most likely be in a
couple years, but if anyone has ideas or
support they would like to offer, we
are open to suggestion! Get ready to
greet the true Community of Infinite

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