Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chambers of the Deep and Pitch black darkness

These were explorers and human doubt as they were beset with dire possible entombment was foremost on their minds.The rectangular stairs covered a depth of 980 ' divisible by 7. Each set of stairs contained 57 steps with a small platform at the end provided against the outer wall, a scant slab or bench. WHY?

Chambers of the Deep Project

Once you have entered through the opening created by this sliding stone block,
you stand in pitch-blackness and observe a silence that is unmatched by a normal
or abnormal circumstance. Once you have become adjusted to such a strange
experience and know you are entombed, perhaps forever, your first reaction is a
desperate and panic-stricken urge to get out, breathe fresh air and leave this
imprisoning seclusion to another generation. During that first hour of examining
the inner side of the block, the verbal key words and the Identical tonepitch
were used over and over but to no avail. Such an experience to anyone would
create an inward fear that once there, there was no return to the outside world.
In such a darkness, even with the aid of three flash lights, you are immediately
struck by an intense claustrophobia which is only matched by the pungent odors
of mildew(bittter lukt av mugg), slime and a near-choking dust formation, that
when disturbed, floats around you in billowing clouds that tend to close off
whatever air there might be left to breathe.
This point of entry was not too
far from the built in air shafts of the Pyramid and an airway had to inwardly
extend to this stairway, for if this were not the case, life could not have been
sustained longer than the amount of air admitted when the opening was created.
Even though no trace of air movement could be detected, there was air, but not
of the freshest of scents(lukt). It was breathable only when the dust clouds
were kept at an absolute minimum, which was totally impossible. At
this point,
of even a short confinement (innesperring), you begin to entertain thoughts that
no hidden tomb could be worth such an effort and sacrifice of one's initiative
and if the bottom of this stair case did lead to a tomb as indicated on those
found scrolls, it just might be empty of these historical documents
, for if we
found such an opening, surely others before us could have done the very same -
and this expedition could be in vain with three lives lost until some posterity
(ettertid)of the advanced future. Your second thoughts become an even greater
reality when the flashes of light reveal the sheer narrowness of the passage,
the steep descent and the jagged walls of the limestone
These stairs formed
a rectangular design over a large area within the core of the Pyramid and
carried you to a depth of approximately 980 feet (also divisible by the magical
seven) from the point of entry,
which was located 470 feet above the ground.
This crudely cut passageway only measured a scant (knapt) 29 inches in width
with a headroom barely more than six feet. Each complete set of stairs contained
57 steps and at the end of the 57th, a small platform was provided and against
the outer wall, one scant slab (plate-)bench, barely large enough to seat one
thin man.
Why these stabs were provided remains a mystery for surely they were
not designed as a resting-place in an area where no one was ever expected to
travel. The only scientific value it could have had was some sort of an inner
support or it had something to do with the original construction of such a

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