Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chambers of the Deep Hazardous Journey

More than 10 hours of descent in the most cautious manner. It was a complete exhaustion for the scouts to reach bottom.The plain metal door was so ingeniously controlled by a superior technologyso superb irrespective of thwe time era.

The journey down was more treacherous than anticipated with each step
creating a bellowing of settled dust that had to measure several inches thick on
each tread(trinn). Between each minor dust storm, the pungent odors of mildew,
slime cover treads beneath the dust, and stale air, the journey was a hazardous
one. The main fear was the possibility of choking by the dust and slipping on
the stair edges
. The protruded (fremstikkende)slabs did provide some aid at
interval steps but was only adaptable for one man at a time while the other
stood on the inadequately ledged (avsats)platform. Water to wash down the dust
in their throats would have been worth all of the gold at Fort Knox and it was a
matter of concern if such a descent was to be completed, with its depth and
destination totally unknown. The thought that originally crossed two of the
minds in the beginning was the possible fact that this descent was not of any
great distance and perhaps in the translation, it could have been a tomb room
just opposite the King's Chamber
Thirst could not be satisfied by the
sipping of bourbon, for if so, and one sipped more than he should, the effects
of the liquor could have created disastrous results with a simple fall on the
staircase. If a fall and injury occurred, it may take days or even weeks to get
out of this devil's den and a serious injury could be fatal without any medical
aid, water or food. Therefore, this descent was one of extreme caution and as a
matter of record, each step with the wait for the dust to resettle took more
than three minutes. This downward journey into the abyss of who knew where, was
one bad experience in which they was hopeful of never occurring again. This
descent took more than ten hours and an even greater apprehension was that these
steps had to be retraced back to the secret opening
The climb down put these
three scouts in such a complete state of exhaustion, by the time they reached
the bottom, they had neither the intent nor desire to ever attempt the climb
back up -ever.
At the bottom of this winding and jagged staircase 10 hours
later (which could only be described as extremely treacherous (farlig)and a
death defying attempt on one's life), they came to a small foyer(entre), laden
with many inches of dust on its marble smooth floor
. This foyer contained one
rock bench or a protrusion slab similar to those at each 57th step level, a
roughly cut set of walls, an arched ceiling resembling a large half of a barrel
shell, and one heavy gauge metal door.
This door had no jam, sill or hardware.
It was a plain metal door that had all the appearances of sliding upwards in the
side grooves provided in the limestone walls.
How this was to be opened remained
another mystery and none of the three men had the strength to even think or
hazard a number of guesses. Fortunately, the thought did arise that such a
closure might operate in the same manner as the sliding block at the
A verbal key and tone vibration had to be the only possible answer,
for if these key words opened the sliding rock at the top, it should, by the
same token(likeledes), open the bottom. Two incredibly long hours passed by with
no success using the same words and verbal tone. The recording used had many
variations but all had failed their experimental tries. They reverted to the
process of even reversing the tape and in doing so, one very slight movement was
noticed but if the door actually moved, it could not have been more than a tiny
fraction of the inch. Suddenly it occurred to Abouu that since we were now at
the opposite end of this passage, the reversal of the words should have been
used - in the same tone vibration. Using the words 'Urim,' meaning light or
revelation for the main stone, the reversal of this should be injected at this
Another dozen tries revealed nothing until one member simply mumbled the
word Genesis and apparently he struck it correctly. The giant metal door slowly
started on its upward movement - to the complete astonishment of all
The sound was that of a motor hum, although there were no visible
motors or electricity. Thus if a motorized operation was its only means of
movement, it had to be hidden above the door or the coiling of that room or
foyer. It was now evident that once inside, this door should re-open by
replaying the words that opened the stone at the entrance. If and when they ever
reached the top of those stairs, more trials and tribulations could befall them
if they were wrong in their theories of reversed words or its re-arrangements of
the same. Whatever device these builders used in this construction, the
technologies were not only superb but also totally ingenious, regardless of the
time era.

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