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Chambers of the Deep James Hurtak Pyramids AtlantisII entrapped?

Were they entrapped on the inner staircase . This was the secret passage and that thought had to be immediately expunged. They had no food,water, or emergency kits. The possibility of being sealed up forever was viable, though. Each in turn examined the unusual sliding stone,and it was apparently not mechanical per se. There was no way to detect the means of its movement.

In the center bottom of the stone, there was a groove cut. Electronic devices could not be ruled out for it could have been hidden at some inner portion behind the second terrace in. The mystery remains to this day.I much enjoyed the following comment I am about to summarize as to the technological ans scientific progress of our ancient forbears and the paltry showing (shabby) of this "modern age".

  1. many secrets of our ancient past remain well guarded

  2. Atlantis was a continent of great technologies

  3. they had embraced successfully the following knowledge: (whence did they derive?)

  • unusual electronics

  • teleportation

  • thermo nuclear energy

  • liquid light power without the use of electricity

  • unseen power of mercury

  • art of levitation through sound vibrations

Such a stone remains a dark secret but if explained a simple fact of scientific logic.

The great stone block had now completed its 49-second cycle and the chosen
three were entrapped within the Pyramid's secret passage, not actually knowing
what they had done, why they had done this, and where such a narrow staircase
would lead. They also had the sudden realization they had no food, water, extra
batteries or the smallest of first aid kits for arising emergencies. To prevent
a creeping illness of their conscious mind, all of these thoughts had to be
immediately dismissed and since they were now entrapped on this inner staircase,
there was only one choice and one direction.
These three entertained verbally
what they were thinking which led them to expound on the idea that perhaps this
stone would not open again by the same verbal tone and especially from the
reverse position. They did envision the possibility of being sealed up forever
and a day and the fruits of their labor being in vain. Here, on this darkened
and dust filled staircase, they wondered if these 40 years of research would pay
off and would they be the benefactors of this unknown discovery.
The passage
chamber was narrow, steep and the walls were of jagged cut stone. One wrong move
against the sides could cut a man as quickly as that of coral rock - and be even
more infectious with the excessive dust, mildew (mugg)and a germ count ranging
into the trillions. Once inside they knew what was so desperately needed to
continue such a journey. For one thing, a flask of bourbon would help wash the
dust from their mouths; additional batteries; candy bars for extra energy,
water, a camera and search lights that could pierce the constant dust
Nearly an hour passed at the top of these stairs with each taking his
turn examining this unusual sliding stone. From all that could be learned, this
block was not mechanical per se.
There were no tracks, hydraulic plungers,
wheels, chains, rope, electrical wiring or magnetic force, visible or
non-visible. There was no way anyone could detect the means of this
The only unusual finding, and this was almost impossible to
determine due to the position the men were in and the cramped space, was one
groove cut in the center bottom of the stone. If there was some sort of an under
carriage, it could not be detected. As far as the possibility of electronic
devices were concerned, this too could not be ruled out for it could have been
hidden at some inner portion behind the second terrace (rekke) in. Therefore,
its operation remains a mystery to this day.
Looking at this situation on a
scientific basis, many secrets of our ancient past remain a well guarded secret
and these people, who once inhabited a continent of great technologies, did know
the intricate details of unusual electronics, teleportation, thermonuclear
energy, liquid light power (without the use of electricity), the unseen power of
mercury and the art of levitation through sound vibrations.
With this firmly
planted within your mind, such a sliding stone remains a deep and darkened
secret but if explained, it would become simple facts of scientific logic.

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