Friday, January 17, 2014

Arcturian Channeling's

Many have heard of the Arcturian Channeling's; however, few understand 
how Arcturians choose to send us messages and why they channel through 
unorthodox methods.  In order to understand the Arcturians and the great 
messages they send to us, we look at the human mind and the true power it 
possess and the capacity of knowledge, currently unknown to us, that it holds. 

Arcturians channel through us in many ways, but one of the most efficient 
methods is through our subconscious mind.  There is truly only one state in 
which a human has a clear "picture" into their subconscious mind and that is 
when they dream.  Dreaming is a very powerful tool for communication 
between humans and Arcturians because of the similarity in frequency and 
vibration both minds hold.
In this state of mind, humans are given the infinite knowledge of the known 
Universe and have access to the true potential of the human spirit and 
mind.  Humans dream when their minds reach a state of mind called R.E.M. 
(rapid eye movement).  Other stages of sleep allow for dreaming; however, 
these are less memorable and less clear.  If Arcturians choose to channel 
messages to an individual through dreams, it will most likely be in a state of 
R.E.M. sleep.

The reason for this is because Arcturians know that humans have yet to 
understand the power of the subconscious mind, and while dreaming in this 
state, the human mind experiences its deepest desires, deepest secrets, 
and most passionate fantasies that break out from the 
unconscious mind 
you missed that, let us repeat, "break out from the 
unconscious mind and 
only at this time do they become present to our own 
If one is aware, or is actively seeking the communication from Arcturians, dreams become more than just a subjective 
experience of imaginary images, sounds/voices, thoughts or sensations.  At this point, dreaming is a clear "channel" of 
communication of messages that contain the secrets and knowledge that the Universe has to offer.  Unfortunately, the 
messages sent to our conscious minds do not receive the welcome they deserve.  Many people seeking the true answers 
to the Universe always overlook the basic fundamentals of love, joy, peace, and harmony.  Although these can be 
described as human emotions, Arcturians have come to understand them as Universal Laws that beget the powerful 
knowledge they now possess.  Without these fundamentals, humans cannot access the great treasures that awaits us, 
but within time, Arcturians know that humans can train their minds and grow their spirits into the vibrations of the higher 
planes to once again rejoin our roots in the celestial "heavens" of the universe and join our brothers, that have been 
patiently waiting for us to receive the calling to come home.

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