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A mysterious race of light emitting beings was the folklore tales of the Lyrans, 
Reptilians, Sirians, and many other alien races who only imagined the 
likelihood of such powerful beings.  They were said to exist in the 4th and 5th 
dimensions and were able to choose when to manifest into the 3rd dimension 
and become the physical manifestation of the great alien race known as the 
Arcturians!  The story told of great elders who governed these great spiritual 
beings called the Brotherhood of the All who did not allow for the interaction of 
Arctuians and the lower planes of existence.  Although these great beings 
were greatly talked about, many did not believe in such a  race; and 
furthermore, those who did believe in Arcturians only had old tales of ancient 
times when Arcturians traveled the known universe.

In a cataclysmic universal event, the shift in the forces of power in our
Arcturian Revelation
Revelation of the Arcturians
Milky Way Galaxy would lead to one of ancient times most memorable 
moments that would forever change the balance of power in our galaxy and 
form our worlds as we know them today.  This event would forever be 
recorded by the Lyrans as the 
Arcturian Revelation!
After the destruction of Avalon (the first human world) the Lyrans set out 
into the far reaches of the cosmos to find new planets to inhabit and 
escape the oppressive regime of the Reptilian and Grey Aliens.  
Unbeknown to the Reptilians, Greys and Lyrans, the first Galactic War 
would transcend far beyond the physical realms, and seep into the deeper 
dimensions of the Universe and set off an imbalance between the age old 
forces of good and evil.  Existing in the deeper realms (dimensions) of the 
Universe, the Arcturians began their battle against the invading forces of 
evil that the Reptilians had unleashed.  Knowing the delicate balance and 
close connection that the 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions hold, the Arcturians 
and the Brotherhood of the All would make one of times most precious 
choices and reveal themselves for the first time in Milena to the
beings of the 3rd dimension, and join the physical realm and its struggles of 
power, knowledge, and existence.  

The Arcturian Alien Revelation would happen in the remote reaches of the 
Milky Way Galaxy near Sirius.  Here,  a Lyran battle cruiser was traveling to 
the Syrian home world with Avalonian refugees as an escape from the 
brutal wars started by the Reptilians.  The site was said to be grandeur, a 
spectacle far beyond the description of any human language or Lyran 
tongue.  It began as a storm cloud of light, followed by sounds of angelic 
proportions.  From the hysteria and chaos an Arcturian ship emerged, a 
ship long endeared and respected by all whom have witnessed its powered 
and majestic presence...Athena and the Arcturian race emerged and 
revealed themselves to the Lyrans who were in awe of the spectacle 
unfolding before their very eyes.  In a thunderous voice, a message was 
given, "Behold, the Arcturian Starship Athena has come with a message of 
peace, joy, love and harmony to all those who have suffered the inequities

of the Reptilians and Greys.  We are the Arcturians and we have come to settle a score long overdue."  From that day 
forth, the Arcturians would enter the Galactic scene and place order to a Galaxy torn and ravaged by the power hungry 
Reptilians who now had to answer for the universal crimes committed.  The history of the Pleiadians, Sirians and other 
alien races would forever be altered and the path to ascension was now the reality of all races so they too could join the 
ranks of their fellow cosmic neighbors and reach the celestial heights that would answer their struggling races problems 
and allow them to seek the perfection and abundance that the Universal Infinite Intelligence was ready to give.

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